Saturday, July 31, 2010

take it outside

Take it outside.

You do realize it's JULY 31st today right?
(Don't forget to pinch and punch for the first of the month tomorrow!)

EEK! Summer is whizzing by.
I took everything and everyone OUT of the house today.
Whatever you do,

Do it outside, because in a month we will be back in NYC, INSIDE THINGS...
Inside, School
Inside, homework,
Inside, sewing
Inside, snuggled under many blankets because Winter is coming.

So I kicked everyone out of the house.
including myself...
I cut my last blocks for the green and purple circle quilt,
I opened my mail, since hubby brought out a LOAD
of envelopes for me (Orphan blocks), from all you lovely Peeps!
See them all in the photo above!

I'm sending you all a little postcard, but since I did them outside, in my lap
forgive my sloppy, not sitting at a desk handwriting!

I wont' be back to NYC til Sept, so if yo0u don't get a card from me,
it's because no one is there to bring me my mail...
I'll have tin invite someone out, on the condition
that they stop by my place and bring me my mail!
(any takers? ;-)

Andrea? Amy? Helen? Marianna?

Jenny Egg would like to thank the person, who sent this lovely Dog block...

She wanted to walk off with it, but I told her
to keep her grubby little paws off it.
So she drooled on it instead...

Thank you all you fabulous peeps for your orphan blocks.
Once I get back into NYC, I'll start working on a special
Kitchen sink Quilt... the Blogger kitchen quilt. ;-)

GOODIES: I got this beauty on ebay. A summer quilt, all quilted with embroidery floss,
appliqued, and Divine.. Nobody wanted this. I got it for $29. I think it's a steal.

Speaking of divine... Look at this lovely scrappy star quilt,
with two HALF STARS at the bottom.


I'm so happy I own this I could well, lots of things...
Dance, sing, twirl around, or even stand on my head...

and now, lastly, one more outside chore:
a nap outside in the hammock after a dip in the pool.
After a root beer float...

Happy Sewing!


Chase said...

it sounds so fun: doing everything outside! i love the last quilt in the post. now, you have just remind me that i might be able to buy some grand forks postcard and mail them to my friends in iowa! have a great one!

RWL said...

my goodness i'm so jealous of your beautiful summer escape!!! what an incredible house/property - looks like you're having a great time. :) enjoy august!!

Jackie said...

Yes, we are all outside too!! It is lovely weather today, you certainly have the right idea. I am outside on my deck right now and it can't get any better. Love the quilt you won on eBay. What a steal!! Monday I will be quilting the BASICs quilts, Yay!! Enjoy the rest of your day!

Trudi said...

We were outside a lot today too, though the weather isn't as good as you have it. :) I have some orphan blocks to send too! Happy days!

Valentina said...

This is the LIFE!
Enjoy your lovely summer days, V.!

YankeeQuilter said...

The temp was over 100 again today so I stayed inside...can't wait for Fall so I can come out of hiding! Love the ebay quilt...

Rachel said...

Oh we were just saying the same thing today, about how FAST the summer is going. Sigh. I'm and SO NOT looking forward to winter. Didn't all the snow just go away... a couple of weeks ago?

I hope you enjoy the rest of your outside days. You sure know how to take advantage of the nice weather!

Gari said...

102 in South AL today: everything was done inside. I, too, will be waiting for Sept....that's when we can "take everything outside" and do.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Great idea and looks so awesome all over the place.
I think I'll try that tomorrow.
August? Really?

belle96885 said...

新的一天 祝你有所成長~~ ............................................................

Terriaw said...

what a great idea to kick everyone out of the house and spend time outside while we still can! Hard to believe it's August 1 already. I adore that star quilt you won. Looks like it might be fun to make (if the star blocks are big enough to not drive you crazy). Looks like a fun mail day too. Enjoy!

Kath said...

Oh how exciting, another kitchen sink/table quilt! I can't wait.
Love the stars btw.
I hope Jenny egg gets her own quilt..

Stacy (S.E.W.Butterfly) said...

Love your blog and quilts! Too hot for me to go out! I look forward to working outside in the winter! (I'm a midwest girl living in Florida). ;D

kayluvs2quilt said...

I have more of the dog blocks...would Jenny Egg like to have her own quilt?

Tonya R said...

love love love the star quilt. that was from ebay??? jealous!

Rene' said...

I'm jealous that you can sit (and quilt) outside without melting...which is what would happen if I tried it here in Florida ;-) Love your ebay quilts.

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