Tuesday, July 6, 2010

stay cool!

Was it so hot?
I was having to much fun that I hardly noticed...

ME and B wen to see Jackie in Canton, CT to Pick up the first load of
BASICS HOUSE BLOCK QUILTS that she quilted for me... 19 quilts!!!!

the quilt on the left was made by Maria, below in orange.
She was so sweet to have made the entire quilt with the house blocks...
so It was one I did not have to make!
HUGE thank you!
Below, next to Maria, is Pam.
Pam , another angel is quilting 5 other tops for me.

me,center (hello),

Jackie next to me.
Thank You, Thank you Jackie!
You've been a huge helper and supporter of this project.

and Next to Jackie, is Karen Griska.

You know Karen,
the astrik/selvageblog/online quilt museum lady!
Everything she touches, is L O V E L Y...

Karen gave me some lovely blocks to play with. I love the colors!
and a little scrap of PICKLES fabrics she thought I'd like for my scrappy quilts...
ha! to cute...

It may have been a scorcher outside, but it was lovely company inside with air conditioning!

(Although potato guns where being blasted outside and
raw eggs cracked on the pavement to see if they would fry!)
So B said it was a fantastic day too. pheew!

Although sitting on the deck of the ferry, was breezy, hazy and wonderful...

And if you weren't on the water, you found a way to get to water...

What a lovely day.


Terriaw said...

Definitely a lovely day! From the great quilting camaraderie to being on and near the water. What could be a better summer day!

Dionne said...

Sounds Fabulous~ 19 quilts?! Holy Frijoles thats a lot of quilts!

Stephanie said...

Lucky you to spend time with generous and talented ladies such as this group.

Selvage Quilter said...

That was so much fun. B is the sweetest!

Jackie said...

Yes, it was tons of fun! Good food, friends, quilts and frying eggs! Can't wait to see you again. Bea was so much fun! A loved playing with her and is so happy Bea helped her find the Sudoku!!

Jackie said...

Oh, and you are quite welcome!!

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