Thursday, September 24, 2009

Playing with fabric

Playing with the SIS BOOM DAY fabrics!

For all those who think they can't do applique, This new to me too! My first attempt in 20 some years, was that stones quilt, and I had fun stitching those circles, so that is were this challenge for the new donation quilt, Sis Boom, POW quilt came into play.

I ordered this book above, Applique outside the lines, just because I loved the quilt on the cover. Indulgent right? well, the whole book is filled with lovely things.
A lot of great ideas...

For those of you who are new to my blog. This will be my third gather quilt for donation.
You can see the original Quilt here:
9 patch gather
One in the works now here:
Pixie Dust

And sign up for this one:
I have room for about 10-12 more people as of thursday a.m.

I took only a few minutes to play with the above square, and weather or not it stays this way, I think it's a good Happy start.

You don't have to Applique! It's not a requirement.
But I dare you to challenge yourself, Like I am with this project.
Why not learn something new?

Come play with me!

I will send scraps, and 2- 10.5" white squares.
You, create.

Please have them returned to me by Novemeber 14th.
That way its done and out of the way of the holidays, and it won't get los in the bustle.
I know it will be a busy time, but, it will be somethign fun.


the Pixie Dust quilt is up on my wall, And I will begin putting it together next week.
I'm working on the layout, and overall designof the quilt. (and taking a better picture.)
my camera was beign difficult adn wouldn't load my images... so I had to use my phone.


The 9 patch gather, Nothing But Kisses Quilt.
The money from the 9 patch quilt was donated to love without boundaries.
little baby Dessie, has had her surgery and well, here's the latest update!

Dear Victoria,
We have checked on Dessie, and I am happy to report her recovery from surgery is going well. The update indicates she has been more active, more adventurous, and has a greater curiosity about the outside world since her heart surgery. Her foster parents report that Dessie is attached to them and gets upset if they are separated. The update also noted that Dessie is very interested in cameras. When someone takes her picture, she insists on inspecting the camera to see her photo. I attached a recent photo of her for you. She is precious!!

We will continue to check on Dessie periodically, and I will update you whenever I receive new information on her.

Thank you so much for giving Dessie the gift of a healthly heart!

Anne Little
Heart Surgery Coordinator
Love Without Boundaries Foundation
"Changing the Lives of Orphans in China"

How sweet is that. Yep, my eyes get teary every time... You all made that happen!


Rachel said...

Oh I WISH I could participate in your new project. I just don't think I have time right now and I certainly don't want to commit if I can't deliver. But I love applique and bright, pretty fabrics. sigh. You're doing a good thing here!

Pixie dust is looking great. Such a great variety of block designs.

Little Dessie is so sweet!

quiltycat said...

Ohhh...sorry! I realize I didn't understand the last post!....yes,yes if the end is November 14th I want to join in ,of course!

lilamaequilts said...

WOW! Your block is so cute! and it really is amazing how something like the donation of a quilt can impact the lives of others. From Small and Simple things...:) Yay for Dessie and her family!

MichelleB said...

Love your new block - and love that fabric. That book is on my list, too!

Doris said...

Wow. How wonderful that making a quilt can give us a feeling like this.It's makes me teary eyed as well...

Britt said...

What a happy post! A beautiful and cheerful applique block and lovely news about Dessie. What a cutie she is! Thanks for letting us see the ripples of change created by making a donation quilt.

Cheryl Arkison said...

I'm not the most experienced with applique, but whenever I do it I find that my background pirce ends up a bit smaller than I want. So I now cut that piece about a 1/2 inch too big all around and trim down. Something to consider for this project.

allsewnup said...

I had fun with your last gather and am willing to jump into this if you still have room V.


Kathie said...

I will make the time to help you out !
love the block you showed!
very fun!
she is so cute, makes me feel good knowing we can help in any small way

Alexis said...

I would love to make a block for your quilt! My applique skills need some practice, but I am in love with Applique Outside the lines too!

RosaMaría said...

do you have room for a not USA resident? your proyect sounds fun, i live in México and i can help, i you want it!! my email:

Carla said...

It sounds like fun. If there is still room, I wound like to participate. :oD

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Your block is smashing!! I will be doing applique too!

Fabric Fanatic said...

If there's still room, count me in. I'm game to give it a go.

Sarah said...

That applique patch is amazingly beautiful!! I love the fabrics and am getting excited about it now too. What a lovely letter about the little girl. Well done!

Barb in Mi said...

Your project sounds great, but I am no applique person - and trust me, you don't want an A-block from me. Count me in, but please let me know the block size.

Jodie B-C said...

Love your block...I can't wait to play too!

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