Tuesday, June 30, 2009

tuesday ta da

Scrappy happy! More playing and finally a decision. well, maybe...
still a WIP...
But am now loving the way it's going.
Darn, Gotta order MORE fabric.

Might as well go to the beach....

Look who came to play!

Andrea from the little collection came to visit..
Boy, did we have some fabric fun!

We auditioned just about everything I have here,
both on her blocks and mine...

woo hooo! We've decided this needs to be a regular occurrence!
Look at all those delicious colors!

Happy sewing!

Monday, June 29, 2009


Ok! I get to sew ALL DAY! WOO HOO! wow.

So here I sit working on the Red Cross Swipe Quilt.

Don't mind my WHITE TAPE marks! It's up , and it works! ;-)
I know these colors were not favorites with many of you.
But I dug my heals in...

The three main colors of red, turq, and gold,
perhaps I should rename this quilt,
The childhood memory home quilt. (but that's so long!)
Because these are the main colors that decorated the house I lived in for my first three years. I am quite drawn to them.
But really, I am so pleased with the way this is turning out. I just need to finish the blend pieces of the red and turq, and a few applique bits...

I'm also playing with this scrappy happy quilt.... I Still don't know what I'm doing with this... I keep changing it constantly. the only thing I know for sure is the minty green with white polka dot background.
But it looks nice laying on my lawn!

Well, enough break. Let's see what i can do with this thing...