Monday, September 6, 2010

blog address changed

my NEW blog site address is:

If you follow me, or have me in your blog roll, you do need to change your settings to my site.
feeds to bloglines etc, will also need to be re-added...

thank you~


Beautiful people.

Beautiful people.

I'm amazed at the kindness here in blogland, from strangers I've never met. 
You're not really strangers, are you?

I rcvd a  package that was for my daughter and I, from Rondi in KY.
No blog, had never had a comment from her, yet she sent a lovely thing.
(with some other lovely goodies and a letter that brought me to tears!)
I will be sure to get it quilted for the next event, 
October 29th. 

Thank you Rondi!
From B and Myself!

I'm still unpacking and setting up my studio...  I have two quilts that need to be quilted ASAP...
So I need to get through the clutter!

Most of my days, I have been putting the house back together...  It's getting there. 
Tomorrow, there will be a momentous thing happening!  
My pool table/ quilt holder/ mess collector,  is outta here! Yes!

I am hoping that then, I can get everything left to be put away, done by tomorrow, 
and put my attention on the studio. 
What will I do  with this new found space?

Meanwhile, I've been putting off re-potting my plants for at least a year...
Now they look lovely in matching pots.

And I am GOOD dog tired...  
These guys beat me to the cushions, or I'd be laying there myself!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Summer's end.
Dinner out to enjoy the view.
Packed and ready to roll in the a.m.
Ready for routine.
Life back in the Big Apple.
One more sitting of 15 minutes play.

Enjoy the last quiet evening,
with my feet up.

It's been a great summer.

Happy Labor day Weekend!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Waiting for EARL

A quick note to say the BASICS QUILT FUNDRAISER was a great success!
The Quilts alone raised around $16-17,000!!

Thank You to everyone who helped and sent in the BASIC HOUSE BLOCKS for these quilts
and all the other supplies!  Without your help, This could not have happened.

I so appreciate each and everyone of you!

Here is a picture of (L to R) Caryn, 
who brought home a quilt, and friend of mine,
and Andrea, from the Little collection, Who also took home a quilt!
Thanks Andrea!  I dragged her up with me to help hold quilts up during the auction... ;-)

I'm back at our house on Long island, and now we are waiting for 
for arrive....
I'll proof this later!

gotta go!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

unpacking day two.

 THE BASICS HOUSE QUILTS are hung for the fundraiser in the morning!
I drove up tonight to the New York Botanical Garden to hand them over!
Of course my camera battery was dead when I got there.... 
So you'll have to wait til tomorrow to see
good pictures of all the quilts hung!
I've strategically moved piles around and around in my studio....  
It's starting to look like I could cut out a quilt top!
But not quite!  It is much more manageable now... not so overwhelming...

I've been bumbling around in circles here for two days, working on different projects...
Either cleaning, unpacking, hanging, moving, sweeping, and LOOK!
It's starting to look like a home again!
This is a sneak peak, do you want to see the pictures when its' all done?

I've been at it since 7:30 til midnight for two days... I'm Happily tired...

"Busy" can feel so good...sometimes...

Hope your days are filled with less "dust bunnies" than mine!


Two things...

Some wondered where my blog roll went... I moved all my favorite blogs  to it manages my 100's of blogs I scroll through much easier...
after I switched my blog name, I lost my blogs,m yet again, and decided enough with that... Blogger kept dumping them, and I had to keep putting them all back...

Second, I got a few more comments about peoples links to my blog going to the old site address.
Yes, after changed my blog name, (twice)
I am afraid you must switch the blog address on your end in your bog rolls....

Thanks!!  You guys have all been so great and patient with all the changes here...
I thank you , and all the lovely readers out there...

good night!