Thursday, March 25, 2010

9 plus miles

Good Lordy!!! We've walked 9 plus miles today AND we found choice
street parking in D.C. I could fall over asleep right now... Wish we
could have given Bo a scratch on the ears or a big hug to the prez for
Clare(hehe) but he's busy with Heathcare... (thank you Jesus!)
Saw one quilt... And a load of other stuff at the history museum...
I'm savingy quilt time for Saturday when we drive back, through PA for
the Lancaster show... :-)
So enough walking for today... Perhaps the zoo and Georgetown

Also, all you in the Nyc area... April 28th from 3:30-5 is when I will
be doing the projects with the kids from Basics.... Place and other
info to follow... Save to date please... When I know more I will pass
it Along...

Happy sewing!


Vesuviusmama said...

Oh, please take lots of photos in Lancaster to share. I'm going up to spend a couple days with my twin sis, but we are there the weekend AFTER the show. Bummer!

Rachel said...

Oh I hope you're having a great time! I LOVED DC when I visited there in Dec 2008.

I can't imagine not having healthcare. The more I think about it, the more I believe some people must worry ALL the time about getting sick. We are SO lucky here in Canada!

And if you see Bo, give him a little pat from me, too :)

shellysquilts said...

That is one freakin awesome quilt! Glad your having fun! Can't wait to hear about the show, in the mean time, happy sight-seeing!

Char said...

Enjoy DC, We always have a great time there. You're right, lots of walking.
When you are in Lancaster, check out my favorite quilt shop, Zooks.

Mego said...

I am so glad you guys are having FUN! Yes it IS tiring cuz there is always ONE MORE THING to see. Yahoo on health care! It's a wonderful day!

9patchnurse said...

Glad you liked DC. When we took our kids to New York we said, wow! look how much waling we did! I went to the Lancaster show today. Give yourself lots of time, there is a lot to see and I only saw about half of it. I put some pics on my blog. Enjoy!

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