Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

For some reason the Easter commercials made a big impact on my family when I was a kid...
we all recall these Cadbury commercials like
THIS one. Click here

or here

And even til this day, we say,

Hope the Easter bunny didn't leave any black jelly beans in your Easter basket...
(something my grandma used to say!)

Have a super SWEET day!
Thank you all fopr your lovely Birthday wishes!
It was so fun to read them all! Never had so many happy thoughts on my birthday!
We are heading home today, so I will be back online monday.
I woke up this a.m. thinking about all the work I have a head of me...
but fun work at that!


vivian said...

Makes me want a Cadbury egg and a marshmallow rabbit (my favorite)!!

PurplePickle said...

Happy Easter to u and your family. The black jelly beans are my favorite. Takes all kinds to make a world.
Mary C.

Britt said...

Happy Birthday!! I loved your post on the topic. Hope you managed to celebrate the event in many ways this past week - and that your vacation was wonderfully relaxing! Enjoy the big 4-0!

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