Block Gather

A few weeks ago I had read in the paper about homelessness in the U.S. right now
and was astounded by the numbers for homeless families... particularly in NYC.

I called up a friend of mine, who I knew runs an organization
for getting families back into homes
from all walks of life. The organization Basics Inc. does so much more that this
like heath care, rehab, training. housing etc.

but I asked,

can your organization take any quilts?

He said,

do you have 700?

Well, I can tell you that really struck a cord with me...

So I went up a week or so ago, to the South Bronx, and toured their organization, met some families, brainstormed ideas, and I plan on doing a few other things with them to help out and do my part...

For a start:

Is a donation quilt for their auction in Sept.

So I am going to ask for helpers!

I'd like to invite all of you who care to help

To make me one

10 1/2" HOUSE block.

sewn down will be 10"

please note:

HOUSE BLOCK pattern below


just a straight up block style house, please, for a overall uniform look.

small prints or solids seem to look best

Hit the scrap bins!

You can use the below block,
(I'd like that very much please)
use your own house block

as long as it's 10.5" square

If you'd like to help

Comment or send me an email, with your

Also, If you "IN" feel free to take the above image and add it to your side bar
and feel free to blog it on your site, the more blocks i get the more quilts these folks will get!

As many blocks as I get,
All will be made into quilts for donation.

So, come one, come all!

I'll accept blocks until April 30th.

Thank you so much for your generosity.


Row 1

2" X 10.5" royal blue

Row 2:

2" X 6.25" blue
2" X 2" red
2" X 3.25" blue

Row 3

take one blue 3.25" X 3.25" cut in have diagonally

take one 3" X 6" rectangle (yellow)
cut to the three inch point to make triangle (discard the little yellow triangles)

take one 3" X 8.75" red rectangle
cut 45 degrees on either end

I may have a funny way of putting together my triangles... but it does actually work..

line up the bottom edges of the triangles right sides together,
the blue will stick over the edge a bit, sew your 1/4" seam

with the red piece allow quarter 1/4" of yellow to over lap, sew 1/4 seam

again line up your bottom edge of blue triangle with red, blue will over shoot by 1/4"
very goofy I know, but it works, see...
and trim the little bits that stick over above

Row 4

(don't look at the background grid in this photo it's wrong)

2" X 5.5" (yellow)

2.75 X 3.75 navy blue

1.75 X 3.75 yellow
1.75 X 3.75 navy blue

5.5 X 5.25 navy blue

PLEASE NOTE: the door way is NOT centered on this block....
layout is the navy 2.75 block, then the 1.75 yellow, then the navy 1.75 block...

trim. I took .25 off the bottom... to square it up...
close enough!

finished size is 10.5" X 10.5"

And if you want to add the heart, you can applique it, or not.. your choice...

colors listed are ONLY for what I did.
Please use what ever colors you want... small prints and solids look best.

I hope that is clear enough...

You all know I never use patterns... imagine me trying to make one!

Mail to:
Bumble Beans Inc.
335 W 38th St 8th floor
New York, NY 10018

bumblebeansinc at gmail dot com

HUGE! Thank you's to:
(Blocks rcvd so far from:) 


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